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Welcome to Hotel Revival! We are so glad you found us! Together we are going to gather and share ideas that can transform your business!

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While the articles found here are geared toward the independent hotelier, the information is timeless and ‘locationless’ and many of the tips can be implemented at any property. (unless not allowed by your hotel’s franchise – in which case you may be considering going independent! – Don’t worry, we will cover that too!) This will be roll up your sleeves and get to work time. Our hope is that you will glean information and ideas that you can immediately put into place. You may need to tweak some ideas to make them yours. Even better!

Although most items covered will seem basic, we have found they are consistently overlooked at most of the properties we visit.

Many topics covered will be fairly intuitive and easily implemented or re-implemented at the property level. Most are also relatively inexpensive but offer a huge “bang-for-your-buck”!

We just hope that together we can help to reshape our businesses and our lives as we implement strategies to gain back time, save money and thrill more guests with our properties!

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