Lets get to work!

In the last post, we went over the reasons for renovating using a specific and orderly progression of projects. Today, we will outline those for you.

Below we have organized the projects you are tackling in the correct order of completion. If there is an area of your project not mentioned here, use your best judgement that will align it’s implementation into the timeline below. There may be one or two projects below that are not a part of your remodel at this time. That’s fine, just skip and go to the next!

This guideline is made keeping with the idea that you don’t have the luxury of shutting down the whole hotel. You want to strategically implement this remodel in a way that will bring increased revenues as soon as possible.

In order to keep this simple, I don’t go into an elaboration behind the whys for each step because I believe when the steps are all read in order the whole picture and the why’s become self evident!

Ready? Go!

Start with a single room.

  • Get your first room done as soon as possible.
    • Get some amazing photographs of that beautiful room!
    • Enlarge your photograph, frame, hang or place on an easel in your lobby or breakfast area so your guests can see what’s coming!
    • Include a photo on your website and generate some more excitement!
    • Now by the way you have the option of charging a bit more for this one room or even better – use it to upgrade special or repeat guests for their ‘sneak peak’!

Next, remodel just ONE of EACH room type that you offer.

  • This is not the time to ‘see a squirrel’! Choose just one of each room ‘type’ and get those done.
    • You know what’s next right? Snap away! Get some professional looking pictures of each room type.
    • Place those photos online for each of your room types! Looking good!
    • Now, for the rooms that are left undone at this time:
      • Rename their ‘type’ such as ‘Economy King’
      • IMPORTANT: Be sure to have these new room types mapped through your channel manager so they are visible and still bookable online!
  • You now have a decision to make. You can continue until you have 15 to 20% of your rooms completed or go straight to the next step. I like to target 15% so that my revenues and reviews can start increasing!

Head for those public spaces.

  • Get that front desk and lobby in order!
    • This is just a side note here because it’s my personal pet peeve, but if you have anything taped to your counter or windows or doors – get them… GONE! If it’s worth saying or posting then it’s worth printing with your logo and framing. I don’t care if it’s a temporary sign saying the pool is down – there are no exceptions to this. I’ll probably cover this in more detail and with continued passion in another post!
  • Breakfast Room
  • Public Guest Bathrooms
  • Business Center
  • Pool/Spa Area

The great outdoors!

  • Now you can go to town outside!
    • Don’t forget flowers and shrubs
    • Be sure your parking lot has been freshly striped too!
    • Now, Proudly Hoist that new sign if you are changing it!

Back to the rooms

Head back inside and finish your rooms. But realize now the majority of your guests are getting a great experience! Those who are in the ‘economy’ rooms will not have their expectations dashed because …they are after all in economy!

Remember as your rooms come up to drop the ‘economy’ designator off of those room types so that you can get those better rates!

You’ve got this!

Lucinda Hazen has owned and operated hotel properties throughout Colorado, as well as managed hotels for others including bank owned/distressed properties. She has held positions in marketing and sales for several Fortune 500 companies giving her the unique business and operational skill-set that has enabled her to turn failing hotels into thriving hotels. She earned the Master Certificate in Hotel Management with an emphasis on Revenue Management from Cornell University. Lucinda is a member of the American Marketing Association.