Why does the world need another hotel blog?

Have you noticed that many hotel blogs are, for lack of a better term, a bit stuffy?! They speak of lofty ideas that let’s face it, the average hotelier doesn’t have time to read, let alone implement.

We really wanted to bring folks information in a down to earth format, that is easily accessible and more importantly, easily implemented. We are hotel owners and operators ourselves and don’t have time for anything that does not produce quickly for us.

Who will benefit?

Basically anyone and everyone who is working in the industry or aspires to. Hotel owners, managers and front line employees will be able to glean helpful hints and ideas that may just get your own creative juices flowing. We are mainly focused on smaller (100 rooms or less) properties and we know all to well that small doesn’t mean simple.

We are for those who align with a current brand and those independents who are a brand of their own. We will talk about some of those issues as well and our ideas and strategies to make your brand work for you.

If we don’t see a way that the information can improve your bottom line, you probably won’t find us writing about it!

So, what will we cover and why?

Everything hotel. We plan to run the gammut of subjects as they relate to our daily lives as we run the hotels that face it, sometime run us! From daily operations, to revenue management to branding. We will try to keep it all nice and pithy for you too! Our time is precious and so is yours! So if we don’t see a way that the information can improve your bottom line, you probably won’t find us writing about it!

So, come on in!

Sit down, grab a cup of joe and let’s get this business started! Your hotel business that is!

We would also love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future articles. You can contact us at info@hotelrevival.com.

Lucinda Hazen has owned and operated hotel properties throughout Colorado, as well as managed hotels for others including bank owned/distressed properties. She has held positions in marketing and sales for several Fortune 500 companies giving her the unique business and operational skill-set that has enabled her to turn failing hotels into thriving hotels. She earned the Master Certificate in Hotel Management with an emphasis on Revenue Management from Cornell University. Lucinda is a member of the American Marketing Association.